The Program

What We Do

This program is all you need to tone, lose weight and get fitter.
HIIT-BOX is a fitness program which is backed by the science of post-exercise oxygen
consumption and proven to give results! No gimmicks, no faddy diets.

Fusing real Boxing into HIIT, designed to accommodate adults, both men and women of
all levels and ages. Our class dynamic teaches the basic fundamentals of boxing, while
also providing you with the workout of a lifetime! The program focuses on improving
body composition, hand-eye coordination and cardiovascular health, as well as
developing self-confidence and an awareness for self-defense.

Sparring is not incorporated in the classes, however if the student wishes to spar, he or
she may do so once the instructor approves of their skill and experience.


     Push! Push Through Your Limits


Grooming The Young Who to Take The Stage


Wrapping Up Them Neon Green


 Jumping Into The Ring


Sparring. Yes Sparring All The Time!