Class Schedule


Boxing with HIIT-BOX


HIIT, the acronym for High Intensity Interval Training, is a fitness program which is backed by the science of post-exercise oxygen consumption and proven to give results! No gimmicks, no faddy diets. The program focuses on improving body composition, hand-eye coordination and cardiovascular health. We add a touch of boxing into the routines, aiming to tire you out but at the same time develop your self-confidence.

Student hour

Student hour is created specially for students under 16 to be able to enjoy boxing at an extremely low price out of their school hours. Our goal is to help teenagers understand the difference between a sport which can be used for self-defense and violence. By allowing them to exert themselves both physically and mentally, we would hope that by starting boxing once a week, we can advocate a healthy lifestyle by introducing a safe form of de-stressing activity for the young adults.


While promoting fitness with boxing, we are always on a search for interested and potential members to join our Amateur and Professional boxing team. Whilst forming our very own team of boxers. Singapore's boxing scene grew over the years, we aim to prove that we have something different to offer. Eventually being one of, or if not the best boxing gym in Singapore. Instead of the commonly taught basics and techniques, our team at HIIT-BOX discusses fight videos and engineer techniques suitable for each individual in the team on a daily basis because we believe that every individual has his/her preference in martial arts, engineering a style to suit the particular individual will bring him/her to greater heights.

Private Coaching

Always wanted to try boxing? Are you afraid of the competitiveness? Are you worried about others judging you?

At HIIT-BOX, we want you to fight your fears, improve your confidence and most importantly, improve your health by creating a sustainable lifestyle for you. Private lessons go as low as $30 per person, there is no reason for you to reject your golden opportunity for being the person you always wished to be. Boxing techniques and workout plans will be catered for your goals. Talk to us to find out ho we have helped many women regain confidence despite their age.
Exercise is your first step into anti-aging and beautifying.